10 Ways to Keep the Fire Burning in Your Relationship

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There’s no secret to a perfect love. But there are many ways to keep the fire burning to ignite a love worth sharing. Many may ask, “what is the key to a successful relationship”? That’s a million dollar question. For the most part, it’s just the simple things that we easily forget or think are unimportant that hold the keys to a healthy, happy and successful relationship. The following tips will help keep you wanting each other more.

1. Think quality time together because without it, your relationship will not survive. Aim to devote at least half an hour a night, and at least one day a month when the two of you spend time exclusively together. Play games like Joyful Couples or share how much you love each other through journaling with Knock Knock   Make it a date night to remember or just spend an evening at home cuddling and watching a movie.

2. Feeling secure within the relationship is a big factor. Most of it has to do with trust. A good relationship is built on compromise and a lot of give and take from both of you. Be willing to not always be right.

3. The little things that first attracted you to your partner can turn into nasty annoying habits. Like leaving the toilet seat up. Not flushing the toilet. Snoring, etc. Learn to love your partner in every way. Don’t try to change them into something they’re not, after all you fell in love with them just the way they were. Remember that..

4. Money is one of the main reasons couples divorce or break up. It causes conflicts between most couples that can never be repaired. In order for the relationship to work, it’s best to talk about money before you start dating. However, if you’ve made it into the relationship, start talking about it often and don’t make it foreign. Address your finances early and maybe even work out a budget that is agreeable to both.

5. Learn to argue well. Never say something to your partner that you wouldn’t want to hear said back. Just remember, the one good thing they say about arguing, is the making up afterwards. Oh yes..

6. Communication is vital to all healthy relationships. Do it regularly. Listen to your partner and avoid blame and judgement. Don’t let your emotions dictate your behavior. Remember just talking things over can help you to both have a deeper understanding of each other and how each other feels.

7. Make your sex life a priority. Don’t accept the fact that it becomes nonexistent overtime.  As soon as you notice changes in it, address it with your partner and work out why  and what to do to bring back the passion. Maybe one of you prefers more sex than the other. Why not experiment with new ideas in the bedroom. Role play, dressing up, or maybe take your sex life out of the bedroom and try new places inside the home and out. Get kinky with it. Don’t make excuses. The introduction of sex toys into the relationship can also help to spice things up. Whatever you decide, remember communication is vital always.

8. Try to keep your dependence and independence in balance. Tell your partner how much you need them, but don’t get too dependent on them and cling to them all the time, as that can make your partner feel trapped. Everyone needs space. On the flip side of this, don’t allow your partner to think you don’t need them by always going or doing things without them. Try to keep a happy and healthy balance
between the two. Men love to feel needed and appreciated and so do women.

9. Learn to forgive easily and without pretense or conditions. If you know you will never forgive your partner over something important and feel the trust can never be regained, talk about it. Once trust is broken, it’s often hard to regain it. Ask your partner what’s important to them about trust and make certain you live up to it.

10. If you need professional help, seek it. Don’t ever think that going to counseling is a sign of a failed relationship. It can literally turn a bad relationship around and can also turn an average relationship into an excellent one. More and more people are turning to counseling today than ever before. This is a mature step and it shows you are both prepared to try and make things better, which can’t be a bad thing at all.

The fact remains that whether you’re dating or married, relationships are hard and require a lot of work. It takes a 100% commitment from both of you. Healthy and long-lasting relationships are achievable and many couples have proven it to be a fact. Not everything is always going to be perfect, but if you both choose to make it work then it can. And remember, it’s the little things that you sometimes do that can go a long way to making your relationship work.

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