5 Reasons to Reconsider Getting Married


Marriage is a goal of many men and women, but most don’t look at what marriage requires. It’s more than a ring, wedding day and honeymoon. A marriage demands more out of most than they are willing to give. If you have ever thought about what it would be like to be married, make certain you understand these 5 reasons before you say “I do.”

Be what you expect in a relationship.

  1. You don’t love yourself enough. Instead, you are seeking to be loved to suffice for a lack of love. You can’t expect anybody to love you if you don’t love yourself first. In fact, the love you seek will not ever fulfill the love you are needing. This type of needy love will probably attract someone who is not worthy of your love and later result in an unhappy relationship. If you are still seeking validation from others to confirm your existence, you are ready to be married. Consider that.
  2. It’s difficult for you to share. Marriage is an “us.” Not a “my” or “I” type of life. It’s easier said than done. Especially if you have been single for some time. Make certain you like to share because marriage is not for selfish people. Sometimes you will have to give more than you receive and vice versa. The key is to know that marriage is a partnership, not a sole proprietorship. Think of it from a business perspective. The contract is worth something.
  3. You haven’t gotten over your past. Too many go into a new relationship trying to make it like the last. You must be ready to move forward in order for it to work. All men are not the same nor are all women. Your new relationship deserves a new chance. In order for it to work, don’t bring yesterday into today. Create new memories that last and grow for years to come.
  4. Your house is still unorganized, i.e, finances, health and purpose. You can’t offer anything to anyone until you are a full package. Make certain you are whole in every way. Don’t bring debt, poor health habits and a lack of identity into a new situation. New relationships deserve a new perspective and a new life to build upon. If you can’t manage your money, learn how. If you aren’t into taking care of your body, start. If you don’t know who you are and what you want to do with your life, figure it out.
  5. You haven’t meet his or her family. Yes.. you aren’t marrying the family, BUT you need to know where the love of your life comes from. It can tell you a lot about him/her and what you can possibly expect. Most often  some family knows us better than we know ourselves. As a newcomer to the family, it’s good to talk with them and find out what your significant other is like outside of what you know. This one tip can save you a lot of unexpected information in the future. I’ve seen and heard horror stories.

I hope this article gives you some insight into marriage and relationships. It’s not the start all or end all, but it’s a message to what a great relationship can be like by following certain rules. Are you connected with us on Instagram for daily tips and advice? I’m Nichelle and I’ve been married for a short 22 years. I love sharing the truth about what it takes to get and stay married. It’s not easy, BUT it’s worth it. Blessings and much love!

Make every day count with love and thanksgiving. 

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